3 Tips on How to Find Caves In Rust

Rust is a sandbox-style action-packed survival game. It allows you to build items from raw materials, loot, and fend off other survivors. This introduction doesn’t do the game justice. The imagery is pleasing, and the landscape is highly detailed, which adds to the player’s enjoyment. 

One thing that is a little frustrating though, is setting up a safe base camp. Chances are, you’ve probably seen some tutorial videos that show you how to trick out your cave once you’ve found it. But, they don’t tell you how to find caves. 

We’ve got your back, fellow gamer. Below you will find three tips for how to find caves in Rust. Let’s jump into it! 

How to Find Caves In Rust

Whether or not you’re a cave dweller, you’re going to have to find them eventually. Here’s our recommendation for the best solutions.

Tip 1: Cartography Anyone? 

Luckily, this game doesn’t require you to have a Ph.D. in cartography, but knowing what to look for on a map is still essential. Caves are represented on the map as crescent outlined divots in the ground. Caves and mines can be hard to spot on the map, but in person, you can tell them apart from other structures by their rocky entrances. If you see a rocky hill on your journey, make sure to check around the base for entry points. It could be a cave. 

Tip 2: Inability to Build

Another sign that a cave is nearby is the inability to build around that general area. If you keep your building plan open while you explore, it could serve as a helpful tool in finding caves. 

Tip 3: Pay Attention to The Details 

Another helpful way to find caves is to look out for monuments, minecarts, barrels, and openings in or around a rocky surface. If you have your building map open around these areas and the ability to build is blocked, you can be sure a cave is near. 

You’ll have to do a little searching to find the entrance, but once you’re in the general range of a cave, it won’t be challenging. Caves can appear anywhere in any of Rust’s numerous biomes. It can be a little tricky to find them, but with practice and attention to detail, you’ll master this valuable skill in no time. 

A glint in the dark

Scouring caves may not sound like a fun idea, but you can establish an excellent home in one when you find the right resources. Don’t be afraid to take your chances if you see one that you like.

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