How to Play Rust Solo in 5 Easy Steps

Rust can sometimes be intimidating for new players because you might be playing against much more experienced players who will most certainly try to kill you. There are a few strategies you can try to survive longer in these competitive servers. Such as making friends, being communicative, and choosing a server that is set up for beginners.

The multiplayer aspect of Rust is what defines the game, and without it can become quite dull. However, if you want some time to hone your skills, gather blueprints, and explore without other players’ threats, there is a way to do this as a single player. You need to set up your own server that only you have access to.

Bear in mind that creating a private server is the only way to play Rust solo. And since you have to create a server, you are not able to play Rust offline

How to Play Rust Solo

Step 1: Download Dedicated Server

You need to download the dedicated server utility from the official Rust website.

Step 2: Extract and Run Server Utility

Once downloaded, you need to extract the server utility. Then you need to run the “Run_DS.bat” executable and wait for it to install on your system.

Step 3: Open the Game

Open Rust on your computer.

Step 4: Open Command Console

Press F1 to open the command console and then type in: client.connect localhost:28015.

Step 5: Run Command

Run the command and wait for your game to start.

Enjoy the Serenity

Now you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Rust world without other players. This is great if you are just starting with the game and need a chance to grow your experience and resources.

If you enjoy playing Rust, you should also look at Ark: Survival Evolved and any of the Fallout games.

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