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How to Get Cloth in Rust in 5 Easy Methods



Cloth is one of the essential elements to harvest in Rust, whether you play on Windows or Mac. You’ll need it for basic items at the start, mostly for crafting clothing and weapons. It also becomes necessary later in the game when you advance further with your construction skill.

However, you won’t get very far if you don’t learn how to get cloth in Rust.

How to Get Cloth in Rust

There are five methods at your disposal. We’ll look at each of these and how much cloth it can yield.

Method 1: Hemp Plants

No matter which biome you find yourself in, hemp plants are always available. Sure, their spawn rates differ, but at least you’re assured of their existence. They’re like the default fiber factory for cloth. Forest and grass areas hold the most hemp plants, while beaches aren’t shy, either. Each one produces about two to ten cloth.

Method 2: Cacti

Hemp grows in smaller quantities in desert biomes, but you have the luxury of cacti. They are fantastic for starting off with and deliver between 10 and 15 cloth, depending on the size. The problem is that you need advanced tools to make the most out of them, so it will be slow harvesting with a bone club.

Method 3: Animals

All animals, even fellow humans, will provide you with cloth when you skin them. While you can try several tools, the bone knife is your best choice in the beginning since it yields the most material. How much you’ll receive depends on the animal, but it ranges between 6 and 50.

Method 4: Recycling

Once you have the right weapons and armor, you can head into the streets and find resources. Broken clothes and items are still useful, as you can recycle them for cloth. There are too many variables to list how many you will receive, but you’ll need a monument recycler to get the job done.

Method 5: Farming

When you reach the advanced stages, you’ll unlock planter boxes. You can grow your own hemp farms in these or indoors, creating a vast cloth empire if you wish. It takes time and patience but is extremely rewarding.

Clothe yourself in the wastelands

Now that you know how to get cloth in Rust, you don’t need to run around naked anymore. Remember to look for those Rust Twitch drops when they’re available. You can also check our guide on how to get Rust skins.

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