How to Get Stone in Rust in 5 Easy Methods

Harvesting stone on Rust may seem insignificant at first, but it’s one of the most valuable tasks you’ll find yourself performing throughout the game. A survival game for Windows and Mac, it can be challenging to find your feet and keep your wits about you. No worries, though, as we’re going to guide you through some basic steps.

How to Get Stone in Rust

Stone will be your helping agent at the start of the game, but you’ll also need it at advanced stages. We’ll work you through how to obtain it no matter where you find your character in the game.

Method 1: Rocks

Keeping it simple, rocks are the most basic form of stone in Rust. These items litter several landscapes, making it relatively easy to craft items with. You’ll receive up to 50 stones per rock, as long as you don’t use it to bash things with. 

Method 2: Ore nodes

Stone ore can be found in nodes in several locations, but you’ll mostly see them in rocky landscapes, obviously. Each one nets you about 1,000 stones, and the time it takes to extract it will depend on the tool you’re using. You’ll also need to strike the node on the correct spot.

Method 3: Recycling

Once your tools reach the end of their lives, you can throw them in the monument’s recycler. You’ll need to progress far into the game to unlock this ability, saving you from collecting rocks. Search the land for any items you can salvage, and you may find yourself recycling thousands of stones.

Method 4: Outpost

You might also find some scrap along the way during the game, which is useful for trading with outposts. If you provide 50 scraps, you’ll receive about 1000 stones. It’s a fast method for obtaining the precious item, but make sure you carry large quantities to make it worth your while.

Method 5: Extraction

There’s a massive excavator rig on the map that will be a great boon when you’ve become a superpower. It will take about an hour to dig 150,000 stones, but you’ll need about 30 fuel to power it.

Rock ’n roll heaven

Stone is a valuable commodity in Rust, whether you’re a beginner or veteran, so make sure you know where to find it. Remember to read our guides on Rust Twitch drops and how to get Rust skins.

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